Facial cleansing service
Sandblasting is a mechanical process that wears down the most superficial part of a material due to an inert jet with flexible air pressure and when necessary - water, to break down persistent dust. Sandblasters are most commonly used in the building industry, where they are called abrasive blasting casting. Abrasive blasting is possible almost everywhere; it’s not dependent on electricity, nor does it use unnatural substances. It respects the environment to clean and/ or prepare the most varied surfaces for subsequent work with out any limitation of size.

A brief list of its main applications of free cast sandblasting:
  • Aggressive cleaning on metals (up to grade SA 3) eliminating large rust and / or paint.
  • Abrasive and stripping cleaning on metals (grade SA 2 -2 1/2)
  • Cleaning on façades and monuments, also of historical interest with Jos system
  • Cleaning and/ or paint removal of bricks, stones, concrete, wood and almost all building materials
  • Cleaning of food and plants
  • Removal of paint, graffiti and smog from most opaque and glossy surfaces.
  • Removal of vegetation from buildings, industrial equipment and boats, when water pressure cannot be used
  • Sandblasting on glass and mirrors
  • Features of facial cleansing service