Conservative restoration of building
The intervention was designed to answer a three needs:
- The valorization of the building, in order to restore its ancient glory and to once again bring to life it’s historical, artistic, architectural and environmental characteristics, partially compromised by the physiological degradation of materials and some losses of the waterproofing system on numerous balconies.
- A complete overhaul of the clay coating that appeared dirty
with grease, with heterogeneous bodies and smog particles on the façade.
- The hygienic, static and functional recovery of the building for which the consolidation and integration of the structural elements, such as fronts, sub-balconies, cornices and all the plastered parts, were made necessary by using different and innovative materials and techniques to the original, but in any case congruent with the character of the building.
Geom. Marco Abbio
Torino Crocetta (Corso Trieste)