Caminiti Costruzioni
Strong, trustworthy, on time.

An Italian company made up of professionals and craftsmen able to bring together designers and commissioners from the stage of design to the execution of the project. The professionalism of Caminiti costruzioni has a longstanding experience in the industry, enriched by constant updating of techniques and regulations. The ideal company to which collaborate to obtain competence, professionalism and attention to detail.

Caminti costruzioni is highly skilled company and pays close attention to every detail in the making in every project, where architects and engineers works closely together with our highly trained building workers to obtain the best and fastest result possible.

Perpetually oriented towards the protection of eco-sustainability, our company works not only for our clients but also for the environment. Without neglecting quality and professionalism, we use equipment fueled with clean sustenance, renewable energy and we select materials and suppliers in order to guarantee the customer with a high quality and environmentally sustainable product. Sharing with entrepreneurial respect and admiration the thought of one of the leading companies in the building sector, "We manage business activities so that social, environmental and economic values ​​are in a relationship of independence between them. We believe that in order to grow it is necessary not only to achieve economic success, but also to be socially responsible for all the communities we are part of". Choose Caminiti Costruzioni for quality, professionalism, eco-sustainability and ethics.

New Building

In the years of professional collaboration has helped us to create a network of competencies that allows us to present ourselves as one unit to the realization of our customers desires.